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    Negotiations with the Czech Republic

    One of the key elements of the negotiated agreement on Turow is the commitment of the Czech side to withdraw the dispute from the Tribunal within three days, or – looking at European procedures – immediately,” said the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa.

    She added that as soon as a new Czech climate minister is appointed “I am in absolute readiness to resume and end the talks”.


    As Moskwa reminded, the last meeting on Turow with the Czech Republic on November 5 could have been successful, but there was a “lack of determination” on the Czech side.


    “We sent our final proposal; we received a reply from the Czech side that, it would be better if the final agreement took place with the new government,” the Minister said.


    Anna Moskwa, interviewed in Thursday’s program on Channel 1 of the Polish Radio about the negotiated agreement with the Czech Republic on the issue of coal mine and related penalties, said that “one of the key elements of this agreement is the obligation of the Czech side to withdraw our dispute from the Tribunal within three days – that is, according to European procedures, immediately”.


    Polish-Czech negotiations on the Turów coal mine started in June this year and were led by Climate and Environment Minister Michał Kurtyka, followed by Anna Moskwa. The talks, which were interrupted on 30 September, were resumed on 5 November but were not continued due to the process of forming a new government in the Czech Republic.



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