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    Icons of Polish art deco

    At the time when the Charleston was danced, the modernist Gdynia was created on the Baltic Sea, and the upper crust met in the Ziemiańska Café in Warsaw, the salons were dominated by the innovative, functional, and tasteful art deco style.

    Pictures, sculptures, artistic craftsmanship, and the architecture of that period created at that time are considered a cult by many lovers of art and design.

    The world of art is looking forward to the end of today’s auction at DESA Unicum, the largest auction house in Poland. Style lovers will compete for 95 objects from the 1920s and 1930s. And you can get not just any works because painting will be represented by the works of the greatest Polish artists, incl. Tamara Łempicka, Zofia Stryjeńska and Eugeniusz Zak. There are also furniture, jewelry, and applied arts. It is hard to imagine the art deco style without the art of Tamara Łempicka.


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