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    The energy divides the EU

    A one-day European Council summit ended in Brussels on Thursday night. EU leaders failed to conclude the reasons for the rise in energy prices.

    EU leaders meeting at the European Council in Brussels failed to reach an agreement on conclusions on rising energy prices, European Council President Charles Michel said after the meeting.


    “We had a long discussion about energy price increases. This is an important topic. It’s something that affects households, their purchasing power. This also has an impact on the competitiveness of European businesses. (…) First analyses of the causes (price increases) have been carried out. However, we realized that there were differing opinions among the participants in the discussion and we were unable to reach an agreement on a conclusion on this topic. So this issue will be discussed again at the next European Council,” Michel stated.


    He explained that the leaders gathered were divided on two issues: the issue of speculation in the European CO2 emissions trading scheme (ETS), raised by some member states, and whether nuclear energy should be considered “green”.



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