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    New favourite fruits in Poles' diet

    Kantar lists seasonal favourites and promising newcomers for 2021. The favourite fruit of Poles is strawberry. It is also the most-awaited and most popular seasonal fruit. Another hit is the highbush blueberry, which has conquered rankings of the healthiest fruits around the world. It is a favourite fruit of Polish nutritionists and an export speciality.

    Polish blueberries are known by consumers in over 30 countries on 4 continents. Among the novelties that have conquered the domestic market in the passing season are kiwi berry and honeyberry. Both are gaining new distribution channels and already have nearly 4 million consumers each.


    “Strawberries are our best seasonal fruit. When it’s strawberry season, practically everyone eats them. When it comes to strawberries, we have noticed that off-season consumption is increasing. In December, at the end of the calendar year, we have 2 million more people than a year ago eating strawberries. Strawberries gained a million new customers during the season. In the 2021 season, 28.4 million consumers ate strawberries,” says Agata Zadrożna, Kantar Public expert.


    Some “new” fruits just enter Poles’ diet. Kiwi berry and honeyberry stand out here.


    The honeyberry is the fruit of eternal youth, it is seen as the fruit of the future and the “new blueberry”. Kiwi berry is becoming increasingly popular. We eat them without peeling, as an exceptionally healthy and immunity-boosting fruit in autumn.


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