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    Wielkopolska insurgents in the minds of young people

    Portraits of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) insurgents, poems about their heroic actions and video materials describing individual participants in the struggle for independence in 1918 – such works were prepared by students as part of a competition devoted to the heroes of the Greater Poland uprising. The competition was organized by Enea. The company has also prepared awards for the best: laptops, tablets, skateboards and electric scooters.

    To commemorate the heroic inhabitants of Wielkopolska, Enea together with the Society for Educational Projects prepared a historical competition entitled “From Greater Poland to Free Poland”. Its theme was “An Unforgettable Victory. Heroes of yesterday and today”. Students of the 7th and 8th grades of primary schools from the area of ​​Enea Group operations were invited to participate. The participants were asked to prepare work in one of three categories (film, artwork, or text) about the chosen hero of this winning insurgency. 60 works were submitted: 5 in the film category, 38 art, and 18 text proposals.

    In the Internet poll, the first place in the film category was taken by Marceli Jarzębowski from the Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Skoki for less than three minutes of material about his great-grandfather Franciszek Jerzak.

    In the category of artwork, according to Internet users, the best was a portrait of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, made by Amelia Nowak from the Wielkopolska Insurgents Primary School in Pniewy.

    The undisputed winner in the text work category according to Internet users was Anastazja Balcer from the Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Skoki for her poem “Our Great Uprising”.


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