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    The year 2022 will learn drivers how to slow down

    From Saturday (1 Jan), the so-called “Ticket Act” will come into force. It assumes, among others, prolonging the period of penalty points presence on a driver’s account from one to two years. Some of the provisions will enter into force with a delay and will not become effective until the second half of 2022, reports Prawo. pl.

    Higher tickets for repeat road offenders, higher liability insurances linked to the number of tickets and penalty points, and an extended two-year penalty point period – all of these are included in the new ticket law passed by Parliament.


    The amended law makes some penalties for road offences several times more severe. The new tariff will include over a dozen offences for which drivers will receive 15 penalty points – we read on the Prawo. pl portal.


    Since next year, the Highway Code will primarily penalize repeat offenders who re-offend the same type of offence. They will receive at least twice the fine provided for in the tariff. This means that an exemplary driver who overtook a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing for the first time will be fined 1500 PLN, but if he commits this offence again, he will pay 3000 PLN. Double fines will be in power within two years of a lawful punishment for the same offence.


    The deadline for penalty points to be on the driver’s account will also be extended from one to two years. Only after this time will they be automatically deleted. Moreover, the deadline will not be counted from the date of issuance of the ticket, as it was before, but from the date of its payment – informs the service.


    As Prawo. pl reports some of these regulations will come into force with some delay – due to the need for technical preparation of the National Police Information System and Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (CEPiK).


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