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    “Lukashenko has failed”. General Skrzypczak evaluates: All thanks to Polish services

    Polish services resolutely defended the border, and Lukashenko’s strategy was ruined – assessed Lieutenant General Waldemar Skrzypczak. In his opinion, the Belarusian dictator will stop harassing Polish services only when Putin forbids him to do so.

    “Lukashenko’s strategy is ruined. What he set out to accomplish has turned into his total failure. This is Lukashenko’s defeat – what happened on the Polish-Belarusian border thanks to the fact that our Border Guard, our army, our police, by the decision of our government, resolutely defended our border against waves of migrants directed by Lukashenko to our side,” said the former commander of the Land Forces, answering the question of Polskie Radio 24 whether we have already had “the most intense period of storming the Polish border”.


    The former deputy defence minister argued that after the operation to defend the Polish border succeeded, Alexander Lukashenko “compromised”, which does not mean, however, that he will stop “harassing” Polish services on the border.


    “It seems that at the moment (Lukashenko) will only try to harass our border to keep our Border Guard, our army, our police on standby. It’s just going to be harassment tactics in some places, small groups of people because he doesn’t have that much potential anymore,” he said.


    He noted that “a lot of migrants have returned from Belarus to their countries and are disgusted by what he has done to them”.


    Asked when the “bullying tactics” might end and we would have calm on the Polish-Belarusian border, Gen. Skrzypczak assessed that it depends on the Russian President’s decision, or, as he specified, “when Putin achieves his strategic goals, that is, what his conditions are in discussions with the West and with the United States”. And success for Putin, he stressed, would be “forcing the West, among other things, to legalize the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline”.


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