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    PKP Intercity announces the largest investment program in its history

    Allocating a record amount of PLN 27 billion for the purchase of the most modern rolling stock, modernization of the existing trains and construction of innovative stopover stations – assumes an updated investment strategy of PKP Intercity until 2030 announced today. The goal of the rail “national champion” is to increase the annual number of passengers to nearly 90 million within a decade.

    To date, the development strategy of Poland’s largest rail carrier has assumed investment of PLN 19 billion in improving the safety and quality of travel on PKP Intercity trains – which is already a historically high sum. Meanwhile, the plan update announced today calls for an additional 8 billion to increase that amount.


    As Adam Adamczyk, the Minister of Infrastructure reminded us during the press conference organized in the headquarters of PKP Intercity, a few years ago the biggest Polish railroad operator was struggling with many difficulties, even its privatization was considered. At present, thanks to the already implemented and planned huge investments in modern rolling stock and improvement of passenger comfort, it is called the “national champion” with a steady increase in revenue and number of customers.


    “Poles want to use trains, as evidenced by consecutive records in the number of passengers served annually. Were it not for the pandemic, today we would certainly be talking about another historically successful 2021, albeit one that is better than the previous year. The billions of zlotys that PKP Intercity will invest in its development over the next few years will permanently change the structure of passenger transport in Poland in favour of the railroad,” the minister said.


    Most of the money will be used to purchase new and upgrade the existing rolling stock the company has today. In total, PKP Intercity will spend PLN 24.5 billion on modern rolling stock. By 2030, the carrier wants to buy, among other things, 926 completely new railcars and modernize one and a half thousand of them. It also plans to buy more than 160 locomotives, as well as 38 double-decker push-pull trainsets, 35 electric multiple units and 16 hybrid-electric locomotives.


    The remaining amount of PLN 2.6 billion will be invested in the creation of a modern network of stabling stations, enabling fast servicing of trains.


    “Thanks to these investments, trains running in Poland will reach speeds of 160 to 250 km/h by 2030. We will also introduce a clear division into train categories, create an intuitive and passenger-friendly ticket purchasing system, and further expand the network of connections between cities and smaller towns throughout Poland, not forgetting any region. Within a decade, PKP Intercity will make an incredible effort, and already today the dynamic development of the Polish railroad inspires admiration not only in Europe but also around the world,” Marek Chraniuk, President of the PKP Intercity Management Board said.


    As Krzysztof Mamiński, President of the PKP SA Management Board and Chairman of the PKP Intercity Supervisory Board, added, when new, ambitious directions of the company’s development were set six years ago, they were met with widespread doubts about their feasibility.


    “I am pleased to declare that together – all the company’s employees, all the staff, the management team and the government – we have delivered on our promises, and today we are raising the bar. In a few years, we will be travelling with new or modernised rolling stock, reaching speeds unimaginable until recently – this will make PKP Intercity the leader of the railroad market on a European and global scale, “Krzysztof Mamiński pointed out.

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