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    Żaryn on disinformation activities of Russia against Poland

    Yesterday, the Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator posted a tweet concerning the coordinated disinformation propaganda spread by Russian politicians, among them prominent Senator of Russia – Alexei Pushkov. According to him the participation of Ukraine in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be adverse for Poland. He believes that “Warsaw wants to be a pillar of NATO in Central Europe.”

    That is not the first time when Kremlin is uttering false accusations against Poland to destabilize its position not only on the Polish-Belarusian border but also in Europe. Stanisław Żaryn, in his tweets, referred to the situation presenting the Kremlin’s narrative supported by the Russian politicians


    “Pushkov’s efforts are an example of actions carried out by Russian propaganda against the relations between Poland and Ukraine. Pushkov’s theses, quoted by the Russian media, are intended to create a sense of distrust and hostility between Kyiv and Warsaw,” the Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator tweeted. At the same time, he has revealed that Russia intends to extinguish Polish-Ukrainian relations.


    The Spokesperson has also mentioned that Russia aims to cease “pro-Western changes in Ukraine”. According to him, Russia can’t stand the possibility of Ukraine being annexed to NATO. This might indicate that Russia is losing its influence on Ukraine and can’t get over it.


    “Actions taken by the Kremlin in recent months indicate that it has strengthened its influence on Ukraine. Russia hopes to stop pro-Western changes in Ukraine and drag Ukraine into the Russian sphere of influence,” he added.



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