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    Will EU climate policy strangle the Polish economy?

    How much will the climate policy pushed by the European Union cost Poland? Sebastian Kaleta, Deputy Minister of Justice, sheds new light on the whole issue, pointing out that the climate package is aimed at preventing Poland from catching up with the West in terms of economic development.

    The Deputy Minister of Justice spoke about the details on Radio Plus citing Pekao bank analysts.


    “If the EU’s breakneck policy is implemented, it will strangle the Polish economy. This climate package is designed to stifle our ambitions to catch up with the West. Poland is being attempted to be robbed of its veto power on this issue. The Ministry of Justice makes it clear in the government consultation that we have a right to do this. This also sheds new light on relations with the EU in terms of benefits,” Sebastian Kaleta said.


    The Deputy Justice Minister also pointed out the various hidden costs of operating within the European Union and stated outright that the EU’s climate and energy policy proposals are a plan of the Fourth Reich and strengthen the German economy.


    “There are many hidden costs of being in the European Union (…) In the course of the implementation of the plan of the Fourth Reich, in this element of the implementation of energy policy according to the vision of Germany, Poland is stifled energetically, dependent on Germany and Russia. We lose the field for independent economic development, we become only a reservoir of the labor force, selling basic products for the German market,” emphasizes Deputy Minister Kaleta.

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