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    Polish National Parks – Woliński National Park

    Woliński National Park was established in 1960 and protects part of the largest Polish island – Wolin. The special values of the Park include the most beautiful section of the Polish cliff coastline, well-preserved beech forests, the unique island delta of the Świna River, and the coastal belt of the Baltic Sea waters.

    Until 1996 the Park occupied an area of 4691 ha when it was possible to include within its borders an area of 1 nautical mile of the Baltic coastal waters, the archipelago of islands in the Reverse Delta of the Świna River, together with the surrounding waters of the Szczecin Lagoon. From that moment Wolin National Park became the first marine park in Poland.


    The current area of the Park is 10 937 ha, of which forests cover 4530 ha (41%). 6 forest communities of a total area of 165 ha (1,5%) are under strict protection.


    The land area of the Park is highly diverse. Wolin Island generally shaped by the last glacier is still changing. The modern image of the island was formed around 10-11000 years. Originally glacial formations were modeled by winds and waters, flooded areas gradually turned into swamps and bogs. The waters of the Baltic Sea and the Oder River were constantly creating, among other things, dune spits or cliffs.


    Additional Information:

    – hiking trails (total 87.40 km),

    – European Bison Wildlife Refuge,

    – Museum of Natural History in Międzyzdroje,

    – Old Museum Gallery in Międzyzdroje.


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