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    Over 1000 users have chosen the PolCard Go payment application to accept payments on mobile devices

    One of the first mobile apps of its kind on the market, it works for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry at a time of growing demand for contactless payments.

    The PolCard® Go application, created by Fiserv, a leading global provider of payment technology and financial services and the owner of the well-known Polish brand PolCard, has already been used by over 1,000 users from companies of all sizes in many industries. First announced in 2019 as a pioneering payment processing solution, the PolCard Go from Fiserv app enables businesses to easily, quickly and securely accept contactless transactions on their smartphones or tablets, without the need for additional devices.


    From a microentrepreneur to a corporation – PolCard Go will prove useful in every company


    The large-scale pilot program proved the usefulness of the PolCard Go application as an alternative to physical payment terminals. The solution can be used by mobile sellers, service providers operating in the field, HoReCa entities or entrepreneurs providing services at home or customers’ premises. The PolCard Go application will also prove useful in the largest retail chains to relieve the traffic at checkouts, especially in the pre-Christmas or sales period.


    It allows the customer to make an instant payment on the merchant’s device. Confirmation of the transaction can be received at the e-mail address indicated during the transaction. The App2App interface built into the solution allows for full integration with several applications and systems used in the courier or catering industry, among others.


    To make a payment, the customer applies their payment card, watch or smartphone to the entrepreneur’s smartphone or tablet. Then he authorizes the transaction on the merchant’s device with the installed PolCard Go application, and if necessary, enters a PIN code on the device’s screen.


    Each time it is pressed, the digits randomly change their position, which prevents third parties from identifying the customer’s PIN. Payment authorization is simple, fast and intuitive – the process is no different from a contactless transaction on a traditional terminal. Payment is subject to NFC (near-field communication) being enabled on both devices.


    Each transaction authorized with PolCard Go is fully protected with the use of state-of-the-art algorithms compliant with the international security standards of Visa and Mastercard payment organizations. Based on the positive results of the tests, both organizations have issued permits to use their payment cards with PolCard Go.


    Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV) as a global leader in payments and financial technology helps customers achieve superior results through a commitment to innovation. It partners with companies to drive excellence in areas such as account processing and digital banking solutions, payment card processing and network infrastructure management, payments, e-commerce, merchant acceptance and payment processing, and services.


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