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    Foreigners and Belarusian services threw stones at Polish patrols [VIDEO]

    32 foreigners tried to forcibly cross the border in the vicinity of Mielnik. 4 people swam across the Świsłocz River in the vicinity of Bobrowniki – Border Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Anna Michalska said. Foreigners and Belarusian services were tearing down the fence and throwing stones at Polish patrols.

    32 foreigners at 2.15 am on the section protected by the Border Guard post in Mielniktried to forcibly cross the border.


    “Foreigners and Belarusian services were tearing the fence, throwing stones at Polish patrols,” the Border Guard reported. “Belarusian servicemen shouted abusive words insulting Poland and Poles,” said Border Guard spokesperson Lt. Anna Michalska.

    “All individuals were detained and turned back to the borderline. Among them are citizens of Egypt, Eritrea, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen,” she added.


    4 Iraqi citizens swam across the river Świsłocz on the section protected by the Border Guard post in Bobrowniki.

    “They had their clothes packed in plastic bags,” the Border Guard spokeswoman elaborated. “They did not need medical assistance. They were given warm clothes and food,” she added. She noted that it is not yet known whether the foreigners want to stay in Poland.



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