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    OSCE Chairman-in-Office to inaugurate Renewed OSCE European Security Dialogue

    OSCE Chairman-in-Office and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland Zbigniew Rau will inaugurate the Renewed OSCE European Security Dialogue (RESD) during a high-level meeting on Tuesday, 8 February.

    “The Renewed OSCE European Security Dialogue is an initiative of the Polish Chairmanship-in-Office aimed at using the full potential of the OSCE as a platform for dialogue in the context of growing tensions and the risk of further escalation in Europe,” we can read on OSCE official website. 


    What’s important, the dialogue among OSCE participating States is intended to focus on strengthening security and stability and reducing the risks of confrontation in the OSCE area. 



    The press conference will be held in hybrid format on Tuesday, 8 February at 5:15 pm.


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