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    COVID, or just the flu?

    Since February Medicover patients in Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, and Kraków can take advantage of a pioneering service in the field of diagnosing respiratory infections. We are talking about innovative tests that include antigen diagnostics for COVID-19 and influenza type A or B.

    The tests, which will be offered to Medicover patients in selected medical centers, allow distinguishing within 15 minutes whether the cause of the symptoms, with which the patient reports, is infection with SARS-CoV-2 or influenza type A or B. The newly offered test replaces fast antigen tests for these infections, which until now had to be performed separately. Under this solution, the patient needs only one nasal or nasopharyngeal swab.


    The new service is dedicated to patients with symptoms of infection, coming to the centers for a stationary visit as part of Medicover Express (the fast consultation service of a GP and a nurse at Medicover). There is an additional charge for the test because it is not included in the subscription services. With a quick diagnosis, proper treatment can be administered quickly. The test is safe for adults and children of all ages.

    “Quick diagnostic tests performed at the point of care have proven benefits in many clinical situations. They allow for a more precise diagnosis without having to send the patient back to the lab and wait for the results to come back. Thus, they allow the appropriate treatment to begin immediately. In addition, innovative >>2-in-1<< tests are a great convenience for patients and doctors in the current epidemic situation. We perform the COVID and influenza antigen test in one test and get the result in just 15 minutes. What is important, is the tests are characterized by high reliability, which is extremely important in determining the treatment plan,” says MD Agnieszka Motyl, family medicine specialist and epidemiologist at Medicover in Poland. 

    Medicover is the first private entity on the Polish market to offer quick tests to detect COVID-19 and influenza in a single swab. 


    The new service will be implemented in four medical centers: 

    – Medicover – Wołoska in Warsaw, 

    – Medicover – Poznań Malta in Poznań, 

    – Medicover – Piłsudskiego in Łódź, 

    – Medicover – Kraków Podgórska in Kraków.

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