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    Senator Jackowski will be removed from PiS

    Senator Jan Maria Jackowski is to be removed from the Law and Justice (PiS) party for actions and statements that contradict the party’s position in the Law and Justice club leadership, according to the information provided by journalists.

    An official announcement on the matter is likely to be made on Tuesday, it was told the Polish Press Agency.


    There had been growing dissatisfaction within the party for months about Senator Jackowski’s media activities. Two years ago, Deputy Spokesperson Ryszard Terlecki called the politician a pest. At that time, however, the removal did not occur. 


    Jan Maria Jackowski is non-partisan. He first became a senator in 2011 on behalf of Law and Justice. He successfully ran for re-election in 2015 and similarly in 2019.


    In the Senate in the current term, he is vice-chairman of the Culture and Media Committee and a member of the Legislative Committee.


    The senator himself addressed the issue. In his tweet, Jan Maria Jackowski criticized the party’s attitude.


    “If the recipe for the crisis and the fact that the Law and Justice party’s election program is not being followed and is to remove from the club those who are faithful to the Law and Justice party’s election program, instead of removing their mistakes, it means that this formation is on a downward course,” Jackowski wrote on Twitter.



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