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    Movement in the market of bike trainers. What can it do and what are the reasons for buying it?

    Cycling is one of the most popular activities among Poles. It triumphed, especially during the pandemic and the hard lockdown. The need for isolation led to the choice of not only the classic two roles but formerly somewhat less popular trainers. has carried out a study to check how the attitude of cyclists to these devices, which enable them to exercise independently of the weather, has changed.

    In November and December 2021,, part of Dadelo S.A., carried out the study “Training with the bike trainer – Habits and Beliefs”, which asked for answers to a previously prepared survey of 1226 cycling enthusiasts. Among other things, respondents commented on their attitude towards coaches and how their training has changed. The investigations responded to several persistent trends that the company has been observing in the market for a long time:


    “In the period before the pandemic (2017-2019), 90% of bike trainer’s turnover was accounted for in late autumn and winter. Restrictions on physical activity at the beginning of the pandemic led to a significant extension of the “training season.” A large number of users of closed fitness centre has switched to home activities. This trend continued in the following months. This led to a significant extension of the season and a change in the sales structure”, comments Jacek Zieziulewicz, Commercial Director and Member of the Board of Management of Dadelo S.A.


    User-friendliness and new technologies that encourage action


    As the studies carried out by have shown, not only Covid-19 has increased the interest in the trainers. The development of modern technologies has also contributed to this. Manufacturers outdo each other with innovations. The popular interactive models have little to do with simple rollers that allow only a monotonous twisting of the legs, which is not popular with cyclists. Thanks to the ability to combine the device with the training app, home training can be done thanks to realistic driving simulation and the ability to compete online with other users via apps such as Zwift.


    The growing popularity of bicycle trainers enlivened this segment of the bicycle market. The offer around the trainer is constantly being expanded. New accessories and extras such as special mats or lifts designed to simulate gradients make driving ever more realistic and satisfying. Also new is the special clothing, which offers comfort during sieve training in the four walls. In addition, lovers of this activity have for some time now been able to test their strength at official international competitions.


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