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    Saryusz-Wolski: We should expect Russia to attack Ukraine

    Joe Biden is convinced that Putin has already decided to attack Ukraine. The US has information that shows the attack will take place in the next few days. According to Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the situation in Ukraine is inevitably approaching an armed confrontation. “But that doesn’t mean it will be,” he says.

    Ukraine’s Defense Minister Aleksei Reznikov announced yesterday in parliament that Russia had gathered around 149,000 troops around Ukraine. Michael Carpenter, US Ambassador to the OSCE, reported that up to 190,000 Russian troops could be stationed on the Ukrainian border.


    As reported yesterday, initial unconfirmed reports of two explosions in the Luhansk region occupied by pro-Russian terrorists. The southern branch of the “Friendship” pipeline is said to have exploded. But it may be just Russian disinformation to hit the Ukrainians. A car bomb was supposed to explode in Donetsk. Politicians from the US and Ukraine believe this could be a provocation that would give the Kremlin a pretext to attack.


    Sergei Lavrov argued forcefully that Russia was “very concerned”. He said they were being attacked and were just defending themselves.


    According to PiS (Law and Justice Party) Member of the European Parliament Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the United States has a more sober view of the situation of armed confrontation than the European elites. The politician believes that the situation will trigger an open conflict.


    “We should expect Russia to attack Ukraine instead of hoping that there will be no military conflict. That is the approach of the United States and I support it,” said Saryusz-Wolski in the Polish Radio 24.


    He said, “if we rely on a Franco-German scenario that there will be no war, it leads to a situation where, if there were an attack, we would be less prepared”.


    “This approach is demobilizing, although I think Putin keeps both options open,” points out the Member of the European Parliament.


    In recent days, Western politicians have held several meetings as part of a diplomatic offensive. So far, it has not been possible to prevent Putin from escalating the conflict on the Ukrainian border.


    “In this context, it is also important to say that no one authorized Scholz and Macron to act in Moscow with the security of Ukraine. The Ukrainians themselves interpret it this way. The action of the USA is to be welcomed; an appropriate political correction has taken place,” said Saryusz-Wolski.


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