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    The Russians entered Ukraine from the side of Belarus [VIDEO]

    According to the videos posted on the Internet, the Russians also attacked the city of Lutsk, the capital of Volyn Oblast, located only 90 km from the Polish border. The Ukrainian Border Guard reports on the attack by Russia and Belarus.

    Here is a video from Lutsk, the capital of Volyn Oblast:


    Belarusian troops have also penetrated Ukrainian territory by crossing the Senkivka border crossing in the Chernikovk region, CNN reported, citing the Ukrainian border police.

    Television also broadcast videos of surveillance cameras at the border crossing point showing a column of tanks and armoured vehicles crossing the border. The crossing is located at the conjunction of three borders Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is about 200 km from Kyiv.

    The US administration has warned Belarus that there will also be severe sanctions if it participates in the invasion of Ukraine. 

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