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    Putin's plan: Ukraine to be divided into two parts

    Ukrainian special services found out Putin’s plan to capture Kyiv by paratroopers. According to the plan, after capturing the capital, Putin wants to blackmail the Ukrainian authorities into signing agreements on Russian terms.

    According to the Russian operational plan, up to 2,000 troops of the Special Forces are to occupy one of the two airports in Kyiv.


    About 10,000 more paratroopers and light armoured vehicles were sent to the Ukrainian capital.


    According to the plan, one of the tasks is to seize the Ukrainian government and through blackmail, force them to sign agreements on Russia’s terms.


    In the event of an evacuation of the Ukrainian authorities, the Kremlin will try to form a puppet government and put a pro-Putin politician at its head.


    “As a result, Ukraine can be divided into two parts – according to the principle of West and East Germany, or North and South Korea,” reports the NEXTA channel.


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