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    ⚠️Hacking attacks concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Beware of dangerous links❗️

    Even though the situation concerning the latest events taking place on the territory of Ukraine, there are still cyberattacks concerning other regions, including Poland. We warn not to click unknown links that are sent in random messages from random users, mainly fake ones.

    Today, our editorial office got a suspicious message related to the issue of war refugees from Ukraine. Supposedly, the account has offered devices aiding Ukrainian refugees in Poland. What is more, the message included suspicious links similar to those from YouTube. The most important thing is not to click such links since they might include dangerous malware which can hack the data or break the device down.

    Experts suggest that users should avoid clicking the links even if they are similar to those credible ones. Apparently, cybercriminals send links that tempt to be clicked and then install malware on computers or smartphones. Don’t do that because you may face serious consequences such as being a victim of phishing or data leakage.

    In our photo gallery, there are presented screenshots of the attempt of the cyberattack on our editorial office as well as the explanation found on a search engine.


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