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    Germany sent unusable missiles

    The German government is sending more and more weapons to Ukraine, including 2.7 thousand “Strela” missiles. “This equipment is so old that the Bundeswehr has not approved it for years,” reports the portal Business Insider. The German “Bild” complains that the aid to Ukraine is apparently an opportunity to clean up the GDR’s weapons stockpiles.

    According to “Bild” reporters, among the weapons sent to Ukraine are 2,700 “Strela” missiles, of which 700 are said to be inoperable at all. Their use was blocked in 2012 when “micro-cracks in the expelling charge leading to corrosion or oxidation” was detected.


    “The 2700 Strela anti-aircraft missiles Germany delivered to Ukraine are so rusty that they are unusable. The wooden boxes they were kept in were so mouldy that German troops had to wear protective gear to touch them. CDS, a UA think-tank linked to the MoD, calls it sabotage,” Visegrád 24 wrote on Twitter. 


    The anti-aircraft missiles of the “Strela” were developed by the Army of the Soviet Union and then passed to the Army. So that was years ago. Disposal has already begun, and on 17 January this year, the Supply Office of the German Armed Forces confirmed that it was unusable. “Yesterday, this information disappeared from the net,” notes Business Insider.

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