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    40th anniversary of the eminent pianist Arthur Rubinstein death

    The eminent Polish pianist Arthur Rubinstein died 40 years ago. Rubinstein was born in the Polish city of Łódź on January 28, 1887 and took his first piano lessons there. He died in his sleep at his home in Geneva, Switzerland, on 20 December 1982, at the age of 95.

    Arthur Rubinstein`s stance eloquently expressed the feelings of the Polish Nation after the end of WWII. The most accurate term is a “sweet and bitter” victory. Poland was the first victim of the aggression unleashed by the German Reich and the Soviet Union in September 1939. That very moment, the attack on Poland, marked the beginning of WWII. Upon occupied Polish lands Nazi Germany built the system of mass Extermination.

    Though divided between her aggressors, Poland never surrendered. Its soldiers were fighting from the very first until the very last day of that most brutal armed conflict in the history of the world, on all its fronts.

    Finally, we were acknowledged as a UN founding member, however the Polish flag was missing on June 26, 1945 in San Francisco.

    Our country did not participate in that conference. It was the case because the end of WWII did not mean full freedom to Poland. It is symbolic for Polish history that it was Joseph Stalin’s personal objection that resulted in the absence of the Polish delegation.

    And that precisely was so immensely painful to Arthur Rubinstein.

    He was a patriot and he could not tolerate such behaviour.

    “Here in this room, you want to arrange a happy future for the world. I miss the Polish flag. I cannot tolerate it! I will play the Polish anthem for you. And please get up!”

    the Polish pianist said.

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