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    A Polish-Lemko band celebrates its 10th anniversary

    “10 years ago, on 27th of November, a tiny seed of a band LemON was sown. I was 21 years old, strolling down the city. Don’t ask me why did I do that, the answer lies in the fact that I was 21 years old. (…) Right next to a bridge of lovers, where you could hang padlocks back in the day, was a pillar with a notice pinned to it. It said: Must Be The Music castings are open! Come solo or with a band!”. And I decided to start a band.”

    LemON is a musical group created by Igor Herbut, a singer-songwriter with Lemko roots. The name of the group comes from the Lemko word “Lem”, meaning “only”, “just”, and the word “on”, or play, which gives the group the meaning of “Just [turn it] on”.

    Lemkos are an east-European ethnic group living around the Carpathian Mountains. Igor feels deeply connected to his origins, and even to the first audition to Must be the Music show he brought his cousin Adam, also a Lemko. They actually won the tournament in March 2012 with the largest amount of SMS votes ever cast in a TV show, and their debut album was awarded a Platinum Record. They became very successful and got two more music recording certificates: Platinum and Gold.

    To celebrate LemON’s 10th anniversary, they start a very special tour. The first show is today, on March 6th at 6:30 P.M. in Łódź. LemON will bring on stage the original and new members on the desks of Atlas Arena. They will also bring back the iconic stars they have collaborated with throughout their careers, such as Agnieszka Chylinska, Natalia Szroeder and Kwiat Jabłoni.

    You can check out the details here.


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