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    Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin to a combat

    Elon Musk addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin and… challenged him to a duel. – Ukraine is at stake”, he wrote on Twitter. The owner of SpaceX has been supporting Ukrainians since the beginning of Russia’s aggression with the modern system Starlink, which offers them access to the Internet.

    Elon Musk is not indifferent to Russian aggression against Ukraine. Last week, he delivered another batch of Starlink terminals providing Internet access to local services.


    Elon Musk is not kidding. As he admits in a comment under his tweet, this proposal remains absolutely serious. 



    Today, Musk published a post that could show that his support in Ukraine is not over yet. – I challenge Vladimir Putin to a duel. Ukraine is at stake”, he wrote on Twitter.



    SpaceX is not the only Musk company supporting Ukrainians. They are also supported by Tesla, which provides free charging of electricians in neighbouring countries and a minimum three-month salary for Ukrainian workers returning to defend the country.


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