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    Fuel in Poland is much cheaper. Oil prices decrease

    Less than 100 dollars per barrel of oil in New York – these are the latest figures. We see that the oil market is gradually calming down. Yesterday at this time, we announced that we would have to expect price reductions at petrol stations, and that has happened.

    In the last 24 hours, the price of gasoline has fallen by 20 cents and diesel by 38 cents. As a result, “95” now costs on average 6,79 PLN and diesel – 7,48 PLN.


    Oil prices in New York are already below 100 USD a barrel – the “fever” on the oil markets is over, and it is fast, brokers report.


    A barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil in April costs $98.24 at NYMEX in New York, 4.62 per cent lower. Since WTI closed its session a week ago at its highest level since 2008, the raw material in the USA has already increased by about 20%. Brent crude oil on London’s ICE delivered $102.07 per barrel in May, 4.52% lower. 


    The decline in oil market prices follows a very turbulent period of trading on the fuel exchanges when the price of oil in the US rose to USD 130/B. 


    On Twitter, the CEO of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek has referred to the issue. In his tweet, he gave the average reductions in fuel prices at petrol stations.


    “We lower the prices at the stations! ON by 34 gr/l at an average level of PLN 7,55 and petrol by 20 gr/l at an average level of PLN 6,79. We are committed to getting Polish drivers to use the cheapest fuels in Europe. In the Czech Republic, a litre of petrol costs 7.54 PLN and in Lithuania 8.81 PLN,” – we read in his tweet.



    Analysts point out that oil markets are currently being affected, among other things, by the resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic in China, the world’s largest oil importer, and that there appears to be some progress in talks on a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.


    In China, the National Health Commission reported 5,154 new cases of Covid-19 – the first since the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in China.


    Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Monday that peace talks with Russia would continue on Tuesday (15.03.22). He pointed out that his country’s delegation had been striving for an “honest peace” during the negotiations.

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