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    Pope Francis visits Thailand

    Pope Francis arrived in Thailand today, thus beginning his apostolic trip to Asia. During the Pope’s 32nd pilgrimage, he will also visit Japan. The Supreme Pontiff’s journey to the east is part of his pilgrimage to countries with small Christian minorities.

     Pope Francis’ trip to Asia began with Bangkok. The flight to Thailand took almost 12 hours, during which the head of the Catholic church thanked journalists and the entire delegation travelling with him, for the work they did enabling viewers all around the world to follow the course of the pilgrimage.

     “Good evening to you all. Thank you for accompanying me on this trip, and thanks for your work that helps people a lot. It keeps them informed. It also helps people to know these cultures far away from the western regions. Thanks for your efforts”- says Pope Francis.

    The first part of the visit will last until Saturday, as it falls on the 350th anniversary of the founding of the apostolic vicariate in Thailand and the first appearance of the Catholic missionaries in the country. The Supreme Pontiff’s visit is a huge event for the Thai Catholic community which makes up only 1% of the 67 million population of Thailand.

     “I never thought that I would have another chance to see him again. I was invited by the Vatican embassy to work for the St. Louis church as a cleaner. This might not be an important role for others, but I’m very proud”- says Bangkok resident.

     “I’m a catholic and I strongly believe in Pope Francis. Once in a lifetime I want to see him and be able to receive a prayer from him. I’m so happy. When he waved his hand, I was so delightful. This is the greatest moment of being a Christian”- says one  of the Bangkok resident.

    All the official celebrations are planned for Thursday morning, including Pope Francis’ meeting with the highest Buddhist patriarch. On Saturday, the head of the Catholic church will go to Japan, where preparations for his welcoming are already on their way.  




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