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    Russia continuously attacks Ukrainian cities [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

    The Russian army is destroying one city after another. Today, at least three heavy explosions can be heard in Lviv on Friday morning, Ukraine 24 reported on the Communicator Telegram.


    “Explosions reported in the Western Ukrainian City of Lviv. Smoke is seen rising from near Lviv International Airport, Ukrainian Sources are claiming that the Airport was hit by Russian Cruise Missiles a few minutes ago,” OSINTdefender wrote on Twitter. 


    “The Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant in the West of Ukraine was reportedly Struck by 4 Cruise Missiles Fired from Russian Naval Ships in the Black Sea, 2 Missiles are claimed to have been Shot Down by Ukrainian Air Defenses but Damage to the Facility is still reportedly Severe,” OSINTdefender informed.


    Despite Lviv, Russians attacked also many other cities during the night and in the morning. Here are some photos and videos.


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