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    The son of the former German president is dead

    Fritz von Weizsäcker, son of the former president of Germany Richard von Weizsäcker, was murdered in Berlin . He died after being attacked by a man wielding a knife during a lecture in a hospital.

     ”My friend Fritz von Weizsäcker was stabbed tonight in Berlin. A passionate doctor and a fine person. Recently he came to our home for a barbecue. I am stunned and must share my grief. Once again, one can ask himself what kind of world we live in”- says friend of Weizsäcker

     Fritz von Weizsäcker was stabbed on Tuesday evening in the Berlin Schlosspark-Klinik. The 59-year-old chief physician was giving a medical lecture there just before 7 pm when a man from the auditorium approached him. For the physician, help came too late.

    The perpetrator came across the lecture in the Schlosspark Clinic on the Internet. The man drove to the Tuesday event by train. The man was accused of murder and attempted murder of a policeman privately attending the lecture who intervened and was left severely injured.

    According to German media reports, the perpetrator killed the doctor in order to take revenge on the von Weizsäcker family. After reading a magazine and learning about the role of Richard von Weizsäcker, the father of the victim, at the chemical company Boehringer Ingelheim, he justified the murder in his mind. Richard von Weizsäcker had been responsible as the company’s CEO in the 1960s for supplying the company with deadly toxins for the Vietnam War. 
    The identity of the murderer is unknown. According to German Police, this 57 year old man is a  German citizen and has been diagnosed with an acute mental illness. It was said that he will be held in a mental institution.   


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