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    100 songs in one hour

    On March 19th in the BARdzoBardzo club in Warsaw, a TikTok sensation 100 Songs in One Hour will put out an improvised concert. With ideas thrown by the audience, they will try to squeeze a hundred songs in an hour. The profits from the concert will be donated to the SiePomaga foundation which helps Ukrainian refugees.

    Hundred Songs in an Hour is a project where three musicians – Justyna Budek, Konrad Gniazdowski and Jakub Tlałka improvise songs in an hour. Their goal is to create 100 songs in the span of one hour, with lyrics inspired by the audience’s concepts. The idea started last spring when the group started musical improvisations on Mokotowskie Field in Warsaw. Now, they perform in coffee shops and bars. The newest addition to their tour is the BARdzoBardzo club, where they’ll perform on March 19th at 8 P.M.


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