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    “Do not Support Russia!” [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

    “You are not responsible for the Second World War, but your fathers and your grandfathers, but you will be responsible for this war!” Tomasz Sakiewicz said at the demonstration in front of the German Embassy.

    At 6:00 p. m., a demonstration organized by the Strefa Wolnego Słowa (eng. Free Speech Zone) and the clubs of the “Gazeta Polska” began in front of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.


    “Today, Russia’s aid in the form of money, supplies of equipment and hidden political support, which, unfortunately, is also provided by the European Union, must stop,” Tomasz Sakiewicz said.

    “Germany is the largest and strongest country and, as they claim, the leader in the European Union. How do you lead the Union? Today, a new great war has broken out on our continent for the hundredth time, and today, Germany is once again involved in it,” he stressed.

    “You are not responsible for World War II, it’s your fathers and your grandfathers, but you are responsible for that war!” he pointed out.



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