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    Famous Polish singer Natalia Przybysz starts her tour

    Natalia Przybysz is a well-known singer, songwriter and musician in Poland. On March 26th she will start her “I Start from Love” tour in Katowice, where she will promote a new album under the same title.

    Natalia Przybysz debuted in 2001 with her sister Paulina in a group Sistars. They released two albums, “The Power of Sisters” and “A.E.I.O.U.” in the pop and R&B genre. They won the MTV Europe Music Award for the best Polish artist twice. In 2006, Natalia started a solo career. She released an English album “Maupka Comes Home” under Galapagos Music in 2008, and in the same year, she featured on her sister’s solo album in Sismachine. In 2010 she released a mostly-Polish album “I Play for the Soul”, which ranked 43 on OLiS, an official chart of the best-selling music albums in Poland. The album got a nomination for the Fryderyk Award, the most prestigious award for Polish music, comparable to a Grammy.

    Natalia Przybysz released 7 solo albums and achieved great success. Her songs were nominated for Fryderyk Song of the Year, her 4th album “Current” became a platinum-selling record, and she won the Fryderyk Award for best album three times (“Current”, “Night Light”, “Painting Fire”). She collaborated with many other artists, most often with her sister.

    The new album, “I Start with Love” came out on March 11th and refers to a collection of works of Kora, a charismatic Polish rock star. Kamil Sipowicz, an inheritor of Kora’s legacy allowed Natalia Przybysz to look through Kora’s unreleased works, and “I Start with Love” is the product of that. The album contains Natalia’s songs inspired by Kora’s works as well as interpretations of the unreleased lyrics. The album was introduced by a melodic recitation “Kora’s Manifest 27.11.2012”.

    The tour starts in Katowice on March 26th, in the Królestwo club, at 8 P.M.


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