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    More than half of Poles support the embargo on Russian gas and oil

    58.9% of respondents to the SW Research survey conducted by believe that the European Union should impose an embargo on gas, oil and coal imports from Russia, even if this results in a significant increase in raw material prices. 13.4% of respondents were against it.

    27.7% of respondents had no opinion.


    An embargo is more likely to be favoured by men – 62% compared to 56% of women. This option is significantly higher for 35–49-year-olds (61%) and 50-year-olds (65%). Among the youngest subjects, it has the most opponents – 23 per cent.


    The embargo on the import of raw materials from Russia is among those with general vocational education – 70% and higher education (60%) – the lowest support in primary and secondary education is 49% and at the same time the highest percentage of those who do not support such a policy (20%).


    The survey was carried out by the research agency SW Research among the users of the online panel on 22 and 23 March this year and included a group of 800 Internet users aged 18 and over.


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