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    April Fool's trick played on Poland. Return of winter during the astrological spring [PHOTOS]

    Although it is spring, the Poles can see through their windows a lot of white that covers the beautiful scenery. Snow has also covered Katowice

    Snow has been falling in Silesia as well as in many regions of Poland since yesterday. In Katowice, there is snow all the time, and the white blanket is visible on many sparsely populated roads. Wiping the snow out of the car has certainly surprised many drivers and will probably still surprise tomorrow, as the weather forecasts point to fleeting snowfall.


    The official portal of the city of Katowice in its Facebook post expressed its surprise at the current weather anomalies. “Is the weather an April Fool’s trick? Crocuses have already blossomed at the Silesian Museum, after all,” we read in the post.



    Weather forecasts predict that it will soon snow in the south-east of the country as well as in the south-west and central Poland. The coldest is said to be in the south, because of about 2 degrees Celsius (35.6 F), while in the north of the country thermometers will show 8 degrees (46.4 F).





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