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    Germany refused to help Ukraine, again

    Germany has received a request from Ukrainian Defence Minister Aleksei Reznikov to hand over the armoured vehicles. The answer, however, was not surprising – Germany declined.

    German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht rejected Ukraine’s request to hand over German Marder combat vehicles to Ukraine. The German minister explained that all these vehicles, namely the armoured infantry vehicles of the Bundeswehr, were necessary because of their obligations to NATO. In addition, she declared that such a decision would have to be made in the alliance and not by Germans themselves.


    PiS MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski had spoken on this issue today. In the morning show “#Jedziemy”, he said directly that it was only a matter of not handing over weapons to Ukraine.


    “The Germans are more likely to dismantle them into scrap than to leave them to Ukraine. Germany is against the arming of Ukraine,” said the deputy.


    Saryusz-Wolski pointed out that Germany, to some extent, supports the Putin regime and is its ally. All their actions are apparent. The MEP also referred to the stories that Germany tells on an international stage. “Germany is a huge arms exporter. The stories that they don’t have guns are false,” he said.


    As you know, this is not the first time that Germany has shown such “help” to Ukraine. Even before the war began, Germany refused to hand over equipment to Ukraine, later it did not allow weapons to be transported through its airspace for Ukraine, and then it handed over helmets and rusty equipment at the beginning of March. Also, noteworthy is the action taken by Germany, which successively blocks the tightening of sanctions against Russia.

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