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    Bucha massacre, Polish army and Ukrainian refugees – the summary of the day [VIDEO]

    The Minister of National Defence signed an agreement for the purchase of 250 Abrams tanks for the Polish army. This brings into effect the ministry’s decision in July last year to proceed with the purchase. The first 28 tanks, to be used for training purposes, will be delivered to the Polish army later this year, and the completion of deliveries is planned for 2026.


    The deliberate torture and slaughter of civilians in the Ukrainian town Bucha has shocked public opinion across the world. Yesterday (April 5), the UN Security Council heard Ukrainian allegations of the murders by Russian soldiers and president Zelensky warned of similar scenes to come as he addressed the UN. 


    More than 2.5 million Ukrainians have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border since the Russian invasion. The Ministry of the Interior estimates that 1.5 million of them remain in Poland. The government and local authorities and also many non-governmental organisations and people of goodwill are involved in helping refugees. 

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