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    META reports: the Belarusian State Security service (KGB) used fake accounts to ignite tensions in Poland's borderlands

    Multiple accounts with fake identities were found on Facebook trying to convince the users that the migrants on the Polish border are treated violently. As fake journalists and activists, they shared pictures and posted content accompanied by statements criticising Polish border guards and the Polish country itself. Their online activity was focused on users from the Middle East and Europe.

    According to Euronews: A total of 41 Facebook accounts, five Facebook groups, and four Instagram accounts linked to the network have now been removed. Meta says fewer than 1,400 people joined the Facebook groups while fewer than 200 accounts followed the Instagram pages. The Belarusian KGB has not commented on the Meta report.

    PAP (Polish Press Agency) provides us with the information that even a fake event promoting protests against the Polish government was created by a fake account connected with KGB on March 14th. However, it was spotted by the Facebook administration and deleted on the same day. Also, the cyberspies tried to hack a number of accounts belonging to Ukrainian military personnel. A spy network regarding people from Luhansk and the surrounding area was also detected and deleted. It aimed to promote pro-Russian narratives in the Caucasus and Ukraine through such portals as Facebook and Telegram.


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