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    A Russian soldier has raped children and posted videos on the Internet. Internet users decided to get even the degenerate

    That Russian soldier is a beast. Alexey Bychkov had raped young children in Ukraine, had recorded them and posted it on the Internet. The films are shocking. They show the extent of the drama unfolding beyond our eastern border. The criminal has been identified. Is it a time for punishment?

    “A Russian soldier is raping a child. A child who has not spoken his first words is sexually abused,” writes one of the Internet users who came across a video showing the crime committed by Bychkov. The video is not suitable for further dissemination, nor is a description of what the Russian bandit did with the child.  

    “Meet the monster,” Olexander Sherba writes.

    The soldier is Alexey Alexandrovich Bychkov, born on May 1, 1997. Internet users have also published his passport number, his permanent address and even his driver’s licence number. They have done everything to get as much information as possible about the criminal. May it also contribute to his punishment.


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