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    From Baku to Paris – a photographic exhibition by Witold Marczewski

    Witold Marczewski (1877-1944) was a Polish electrical engineer who found a passion for photography and left countless negatives and photographs presenting his travels from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece and France among others. The exposition will be open until September 25th 2022 in the History Meeting House in Warsaw.

    Witold Marczewski was born on May 21st, 1877, in a village near Sandomierz, Świętokrzyskie Voievodship. In 1909 he moved with his wife and oldest son to Baku in Azerbaijan, where he got fascinated by photography and travelled lots through the country. To take pictures he mostly used a stereo camera, able to capture the three-dimensional world thanks to its two lenses imitating human eyes.

    In the 1920s, he came back to Poland, where he wrote for photography magazines and lectured at the Warsaw University of Technology. During World War II, he joined Home Army and probably falsified documents for the resistance movement members. He died in June 1944.

    His family decided to donate his works to Photography Archeology Foundation which digitalized Marczewski’s photographs. Out of 1400 of them, a little over 100 were picked for an exhibition “From Baku to Paris. Photographic Journeys of Witold Marczewski” displayed in the History Meeting House in Warsaw (pl. DSH, Dom Spotkań z Historią). The curators are Anna Brzezińska and Barbara Roszuk-Galus, who also prepared a bilingual album (PL-ENG) with the most essential photos and annotations to them. The exhibition will be open until September 25th, 2022.


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