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    ‘Coffin Dancers’ supports Ukraine [VIDEO]

    Dancing Pallbearers – a dancing group famous for the popular ‘Coffin Dance’ decided to support Ukraine and sell the memorable video which stole the hearts of millions of people during the pandemic! In line with NEXTA, the dancers will donate 25% of the price to the Ukrainian foundation BackAndAlive.

    Nana Otafrija is a group that became famous in 2017, after the premiere of the BBC documentary. The coffin dance, however, gained immense popularity only during the first lockdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The recording was supposed to humorously encourage people to respect social distance or put on masks. The gravediggers from Ghana promoted the dance with the slogan “Stay at home or dance with us”.


    A memorable video below:


    According to, in non-fungible token (NFT) news, a popular 2015 video of Ghanian pallbearers, commonly known as the “Coffin Dance” has just sold for 327 Ether (ETH). Converted to fiat currency, that comes in at around $990,934 at the time of writing. 


    After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Dancing Pallbearers Nana Otafrija decided to use the recording of their dance for something good. It was purchased by the 3F Music Studio in NFT for the amount equivalent to the US $ 1,047,806. A part of the income (25%) will be donated to the Ukrainian foundation BackAndAlive.


    Повернись живим,


    NFT is a type of digital certificate that is supposed to be unique and impossible to falsify. The coffin dance recording has been transformed into a non-removable token with unique metadata. The purchase of the recording does not mean the acquisition of the copyright – however, the data will contain a certificate with information about who is its owner.




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