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    Metropolitan Easter Breakfast for the Lonely ones: a charity action in Silesia

    Metropolitan Easter Breakfast for the Lonely ones is an initiative that prepares and delivers breakfasts to the people who struggle with poverty or loneliness and aren’t able to prepare their own festive repast. For another year, the competitors of Master Chef Poland joined the action to support those in need through cooking.

    The Foundation Wolne Miejsce (English: Free Space) started 20 years ago when Mikołaj and Jola Rykowski invited their neighbour to a Christmas Eve dinner. That has sparked an idea for a charity that would deliver food to those who are lonely or in need during Christmas and Easter. In 2020, they helped also those in quarantine, and in December 2020 they set up a social shop Spichlerz to allow people in difficult financial situations to afford food.

    The Easter Breakfast for the Lonely ones is organized by the foundation Wolne Miejsce, the government of Katowice and the Katowice Archdiocese. The meals are prepared by the laureates of Master Chef Poland (e.g., Maciej Regulski, the winner of the 2021 edition) and later delivered by volunteers directly to the houses of everyone who declared their will to get a breakfast package. It consists of traditional viands: white borscht, sausages, and a vegetable salad. Besides food, the recipients will find little gifts with wishes and painted eggs (pisanki). The action’s mission is to fight loneliness through kindness, material help and conversations.


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