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    Sour rye soup or borscht? Or maybe both? What’s the best soup for Easter? [RECIPE AND PHOTOS]

    Easter is a special time we spend with family and friends. There are many traditional dishes prepared every year, especially for this special time.

    Usually, we prepare sour rye soup or borscht, but for the undecided, we recommend a mix of these two fine soups. The sour rye-borscht soup – original recipe from Małopolskie Voivodeship and excellent taste.




    – 3-3.5l / 102-119 fl oz of water

    – 500 grams / 17.5 oz of weisswurst,

    – 800 grams / 28 oz of sausage,

    – 500 grams / 17.5 oz of bacon,

    – 400 ml / 13.5 fl oz of leavening of white borscht,

    – 800 ml / 27 fl oz of leavening of sour rye soup,

    – 6 cloves of garlic,

    – horseradish to taste,

    – bouillon cube,

    – pepper and salt to taste.




    1. Place the weisswurst in the water and cook for about 20 minutes. Add 400 g / 14 oz of sausage and cook for about 10-15 minutes.

    2. Fry 400 g / 14 oz of sausage with bacon in a frying pan.

    3. After frying, add to the pot with weisswurst and sausage.

    4. Cook. Then add a bouillon cube.

    5. Take the foam off, if appears.

    6. After about 10 minutes pour the leavening of white borscht and leavening of sour rye soup. Cook for about 10 minutes.

    7. Then add horseradish and marjoram.

    8. Add salt and pepper to taste

    9. You can serve with egg or potatoes.



    Enjoy! ?


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