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    In Arboretum in Kudypy you can see “Blue Frogs”

    Since Friday, after the winter break, the Forest Management in Kudypy Forestry (Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship) has been open to the public. In the coming days “Blue Frogs” will be seen there.

    The Forest Botanical Garden of Kudypy presents collections of trees and shrubs, comprising about a thousand species and varieties. From April to June, you can see blooming magnolia, colourful rose flowers and azaleas.


    “This year’s spring is a little delayed, but you can already see the first signs in nature. Pre- and anemones bloom, even the first shrubs, e.g., dogwoods. And the moor frogs have already mated,” the head of the Arboretum, Paulina Rutkowska, told PAP (Polish Press Agency).


    Especially the so-called “blue frogs” enjoy the greatest popularity among tourists every year. These are moor frogs that live in forests and ponds and whose males take on an intense blue colour during mating.


    In the 15 hectares arboretum, outside the so-called natural forest, you can see a section of Polish flora with 300 species of native trees and shrubs, as well as a collection of 700 species and varieties of trees found in the forests.


    There is also a geological lapidarium, i.e., a collection of stones and boulders from Warmia and Mazury, as well as a corner of the beekeeper and historical exhibits related to the work of the foresters.


    Founded in 1989, the Arboretum is dedicated not only to the collection of plants but also to scientific research and nature education. Windstorms contributed to its formation, which overturned some trees in the seed stock in the 1980s. The decrease in groundwater levels, natural lagoons and secondary pests were also weakened. A botanical garden was built there.


    The arboretum is open every day, also on Sundays and public holidays, from mid-April to the end of October.


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