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    [UPDATE] The JSW Group informs – 2 methane explosions in the Pniówek coal mine Pawłowice

    The accident has taken place today during the work shift at 0:15 a.m. 12 of 42 mine workers have been transferred to the hospitals but the status of the 3 miners is still unknown. A rescue operation has been launched.


    A rescue operation has been temporarily suspended because of the possibility of another methane explosion. The dust barrier protecting the rescue base needs to be rebuilt.




    A rescue operation is still underway. The rescuers managed to find 2 injured miners. Unfortunately, after the examination, the doctor declared them dead. Our thoughts are with their families in this difficult time. The rescue teams are still looking for 8 accident victims.




    The JSW Group is the largest producer of high-quality hard coking coal in the European Union and one of the leading producers of coke used for smelting steel. Production and sale of coking coal and production and sale of coke and hydrocarbons constitute JSW Group’s core business. (



    A rescue operation is underway in the Pniówek large coal mine in the south of Poland in Pawłowice.  It is assumed that two methane explosions have taken place. There are two teams of rescuers in the area who are looking for three mine workers. Unfortunately, the contact with 7 members of the rescue teams has been lost during the operation.



    The status of the accident is still unknown. There is still a lack of information regarding the 3 missed miners and we cannot assure that they are safe. There were a total of 42 workers in the affected area. Hopefully, 12 of them have been transferred to the hospitals. The accident took place at 0:15 a.m in the N-6 longwall at depth of 1000 m.



    The rescue operation includes 13 professional rescue teams, the representatives of the Board of the JSW Group, and the representatives of the State and Regional Mining Authority. The families of the injured miners are looked after by psychologists.


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