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    “Kyiv Madonna in the Subway” – the war icon of innocence

    Tetiana Blyznyak from Kyiv and her two-month-old baby were hiding from missiles in the Kyiv subway when the city was under attack. The original photo was taken by Hungarian photojournalist Andras Foldes, and then an artist Maryna Solomennikova depicted them in her work.

    Solomennikova created the Madonna in Tubik digital agency that specializes in UI/UX design. Now, this piece of art is considered to be an icon and symbol of the war under the name “Kyiv Madonna”. According to, Pastor Pavlo Levushkan shared the picture on his social media. It was transferred to one of the Catholic churches in Naples. 

    “Later, I saw her (Tatiana) again on Channel 24 news, where, in fact, she was compared to the icon of Madonna and Child. But the photographer was not indicated in this news. However, I really wanted to know whose work this and if there is a picture But in my mind all the puzzles I have seen and read have been formed – this woman with a child is a symbol of all Ukrainian mothers who must hide from the weapons of Russia in bomb shelters. The image of the woman in the photo is so innocent that, in my opinion, it still shines without illustration,” Solomennikova said for

    The woman from the Kyiv Madonna in the Subway icon, her husband, and the baby managed to run away from the bombing zone and are safe in Lviv now. 

    In addition, the illustrator Solomennikova creates more illustrations to help the Ukrainian Army and shares them on Instagram. You can support the initiative by buying her art on 





  /  “Madonna of Kyiv” icon depicted in one of the churches of Naples




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