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    More and more Ukrainian refugees to be employed in Poland

    Nearly 77,000 Ukrainian nationals have found employment in Poland since February 24, when Russia invaded their country, data from the Family and Labour Ministry shows.

    The Polish government has granted Ukrainian refugees 18-month residency permits and allowed them to take up jobs as well as given them access to healthcare, education and welfare schemes.

    About half of the refugees employed in Poland so far, or 36,900, are doing simple jobs, the ministry said on Thursday.

    Poland is employing 10,800 industrial workers and craftspeople from Ukraine as well as 7,900 services workers and shop assistants, and 7,600 machine operators and assembly workers.

    The remaining ones are employed as office workers, specialists, technicians and other mid-level personnel.

    “A few thousand Ukrainian nationals find work every day thanks to which they can build their own lives in our country,” Marlena Malag, the family and labour minister, was quoted as saying in the ministry’s statement.

    “The situation on the job market is very good and employers from numerous sectors are still looking for permanent or seasonal workers,” she added.

    “Out of 77 thousand Ukrainian citizens, who started work in Poland under the special act, the most, i.e. 16,3 thousand people, started working in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. In the second place, there are the Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie Voivodeship 8,1 thousand people each,” the ministry wrote on Twitter.


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