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    Another horse racing season starts on Sunday at Służewiec Racecourse [VIDEO]

    Up to 68 horses competing in eight races, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, will be accompanied by fans in the stands – this will be the start of the horse racing season on the Warsaw Służewiec Racecourse. This marks the beginning of another chapter in the tradition that dates back to the 1930s and is an integral part of the capital’s sporting and cultural life.

    This year’s season of horse racing on the track will differ in many ways from the previous one. Firstly, what pleases the organizers as well as the coaches and jockeys, the opening will be open again to the lovers of the “royal sport” after a two-year pandemic break. In addition, with the changes to the race meeting schedule, people will have the opportunity to cheer on their favourites more often and more regularly than before. 


    “Few tracks in the world are as heavily used as the one at Służewiec – we’re talking about 50 race days a year. This season, however, we decided to give the fans of this sport a chance to accompany their favourites at all stages of building up their form and gaining experience thanks to participation in monthly >>premium days<<,” Dominik Nowacki, the head of Służewiec Racecourse, says.



    Check also the official website of the Służewiec Racecourse 


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