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    Poland 'indignant' over sanctions stance of Hungary and Germany

    The Polish prime minister singled out Germany and Hungary for criticism over their stance on sanctions.

    Mateusz Morawiecki said after talks with his Slovak counterpart Eduard Heger that Poland is strongly critical of anyone contesting the imposition of sanctions on Russia.


    Pointing especially to the two countries, which have shown a reluctance towards sanctions, Morawiecki said that “we are equally indignant over anyone protesting against the sanctions, regardless whether it is Hungary or Germany.”


    Morawiecki stressed that Russia was waging “a total war against the Ukrainians and Ukraine,” and committing crimes against them.


    “These crimes have to be call crimes, we must not pretend that they are something else,” Morawiecki said, adding that caution in this respect was “a bad and inappropriate attitude which must be condemned.”


    “We believe that this is a turning point in European history, and we should not hide our heads in the sand,” Morawiecki told a press conference after the talks with Heger.

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