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    Traditional Polish “Golden Dew” Cheesecake [RECIPE]

    Ancient Greece is the place of origin of the well-known type of dessert – a cheesecake. With the conquer of Greece by the Roman Empire, the ancient Romans learned the recipe for it. Now, you can learn the recipe for Traditional Polish “Golden Dew” Cheesecake and conquer the hearts of your guests and family!



    • 2 ½  cups of flour
    • 0,75 block of butter
    • ½  cup of sugar
    • 3 yolks
    • 1 ½ teaspoon of baking powder
    • 1 packet of vanilla sugar

    Baking pan: 9”×13” or 10”×10×3” springform

    Sift flour into a bowl, add all dry ingredients and mix. Then, add the yolks and knead the dough. After you crack the eggs, remember to save the whites. They will be necessary to make a foam on the top of the cake. 

    Cheese filling:

    • 35 oz of the brick-style cream cheese (curd)
    • 3 cups of milk
    • 2 eggs
    • 4 yolks
    • ½  cup of oil
    • 1 cup of sugar
    • 1 packet of pudding powder mix

    Choose a cheese that is fat but not sour. Dew creates when the cheese filling is wet and fat enough. Therefore, it must be a little bit runny and should include oil. Grind the cheese twice or use a blender until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix them together.

    Bake for 50 minutes at 356°F.

    Egg whites foam:

    • 35 oz of the brick-style cream cheese (curd)
    • 1 cup of sugar

    Whip the egg whites and at the same time add sugar gradually. Pour the whipped egg whites onto the cake and bake for another 10 minutes at 302°F. The beautiful golden dew will appear during the cooling process because of sugar condensing. 



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