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    70% of students will have jobs we can't even imagine now – robotics will transform our future

    The future of the economy depends not only on the development of science and building competencies but also on the practical use of academic achievements in business – experts emphasized during the debate “Science and competencies in a changing world” during the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

    According to experts, the world will be more and more turbulent, and new crises will appear in a cascade. Changes in the education system are necessary: university students should be prepared to constant learning and acquiring new competencies including soft skills. They need to be open to self-development.


    “In times of high flexibility, we often have to change competencies as employees. Therefore, universities must radically change the methods of teaching and attitude towards self-teaching and soft skills. Universities should teach students how to learn in the future by themselves,“ Andrzej Kaleta, Rector of the University of Economics in Wroclaw emphasized. 


    Laura Buckler differentiates the following areas where the influence of robots and robotics will transform our future to a greater degree.

    1. Public security

    Camera-based security systems will be improved by drones. ‘’It will allow law enforcement officials to act quickly whenever a suspicious behaviour has been spotted.’’ (


    1. Education


    ‘’Robots will boost the process of personalized learning. NAO, the humanoid robot, is already forming bonds with students from around the world. It comes with important senses of natural interaction, including moving, listening, speaking, and connecting.’’ (


    1. Home

    Household appliances are being constantly upgraded. It will be possible to set up almost all devices remotely without any trouble. For example, you won’t have to wait for dinner after work because it will be prepared for you by a machine with artificial intelligence without your contribution. 

    1. Healthcare


    ‘’Instead of visiting a primary care physician who will give us a check-up with a simple stethoscope, we’ll have intelligent robots performing these tasks. They will interact with patients, check on their conditions, and evaluate the need for further appointments.’’ (


    1. Entertainment

    Virtual reality creates the whole community. More and more people connect, and the setting of the used devices is more accurate than ever. You can choose the type of any virtual activity you wish to participate in. Moreover, you can find people who share the same interests too!


    Some people say that robots will replace us in the market and there will be issues with finding a job and they are not wrong. However, robotics also gives us more opportunities and creates new markets.  It should be treated as a helpful tool to cope with daily duties and tasks in our work routine. 


    We shouldn’t make plans and assume that they won’t change. Those who achieve success are capable to analyse the market and adapt to its requirements. 

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